life with Tempi

Základní popis a výsledky výstav / basic description and shows results 

From the first day we had Tempi she become inseparable part of our family and our lives. As every CSW she needs around her the „pack“ all the time, nice people who loves her as much as she loves them. Moreover she also needs lot of stimulus and chances to vent her temperament and energy:-). In return with her pure wolf beauty, spontaneity, instincts and intelligence she enchant everybody around her and we can not imagine of not having her for single second. Tempi is typical representative of CSW. She has got perfect wolf appearance, wolf-grey fur and light ginger top head and paws.
During the puppy time as all CSW owners we had to pass the period of crazy biting, chewing, tugging, She always needed to have something in her mouth no matter whether is piece of furniture or our legs and hand:-) The partial reveal come when she changed baby teeth for adult teeth, we did not bleed that much. Around 1,5 year Tempi did calm down little bit in her temperament. Now we can clean he ears, teeth with now problem:-).
Tempi is half inside half outside dog. First couple of weeks she slept in-house next to us but then we built her own kingdom outside. We built large enough dog cage with dog house on our backyard. But she is usually with us in-house and using the dog house only during the night. We are use to having her around us as much as she is use to us. When there is the need we put her into the cage and she does not mind only when it is too long she is howling and calling the pack:-).
She considers our families and our close friends to be her pack. Every time they visit us she is all around them trying to show them her love:-). But Tempi is very friendly towards strangers as well. The only thing she needs from them is a little bit of attention and she is all theirs. Who met Tempi in person knows what I am talking about :-).
And kids? She loves them. Most likely this is thanks to Tempi’s breeder from the Steelmaker kennel. She gave a lot of effort to socialize the puppies giving them opportunity to meet a lot of people, kids and dogs. Due to her size and temperament she usually knock them down but parents are scared only for a sec till they see kids are all right receiving just tons of kisses from Tempi.
Tempi can show is she wants attention or not. If she wants to be petted she comes to us, pokes us with her muzzle, licks us or does anything else to pay attention to her. But if she doesn’t want that… she dodges or she seeks the peace at the opposite corner of the room. But her masters like to make her :-). If so, she suffers and whimpers and at that moment she probably despises us. Time to time we like to tease her like this – she is so adorable :-).
She is unbelievably smart and able to destroy things, which is in compliance with the CSW breed standard. She found very quickly the weak points on the doghouse and kennel we built for her. She tore to pieces the linoleum covering the doghouse, chewed up the roof of the kennel etc. She showed us a few way how to run away from our garden – disentangle the fence, “replant” the trees and bushes, pretend the love for the purpose of steeling the food and so on. She keeps us on alert all the time:-).
And Tempi with other dogs? It varies. Generally said she tends to subjugate the puppies and other females. With male dogs she is usually friend – so nothing unusual. She remembers very well other dogs’ behavior towards her when she was a puppy. If they were mean to her, she pays it back now as an adult. If they were nice to her, she likes them as adults (even females).
Tempi has the basic obedience training. We were attending the courses for about a year with her. She was very good. For a treat she made anything and she outshined German shepherds there. Tempi is also a hunter (probably ancestors’ genes). If she spots a dear, a hare or a squirrel … she hunts them. She is tempted by anything which is faster and she can chase it. For this we bought electric collar and it helped.
Tempi is also a good guard. If there is somebody near our property she starts to bark. She demonstrates to everybody she is able to protect her place. And she can also bark on command.